DIY Ford Focus Ignition Switch Repair (save $300+)

Bank robber pro tip: keep the car running during your next heist - especially if you drive an older Ford Focus.

Many aging Ford Focus vehicles have this charming tendency to lock up the ignition switch making it impossible to start your vehicle no matter how hard you beat the steering column with your head/fist. There are no warning signs that the ignition switch is about to fail.

Pretty frustrating that Ford hasn't issued a recall or even put out a notice. What would happen if someone pulled over to attend to a baby while driving in -40°C Canadian weather? One minute everything is totally fine and the next minute, you could be trying to flag down help on the highway and keep a baby warm at the same time. Sub-optimal.

Here's some good background on the problem, and some neat data showing 2003 models to be the worst! Anecdotal reports show that this problem has been happening to Focus owners for a long time.


Anyway.... here are some tips for replacing it yourself for cheap.



Bosch dishwasher repair!

Does your Bosch dishwasher run for hours and hours before finishing? Mine did and I found out that this is a common problem caused by a cold solder joint on a heating relay. Just had to re-solder the problematic joint (it will be obvious when you see it!) and I was back in action. I've also heard of anecdotal advice suggesting that you stay away from the extended clean cycle going forward.


The hardest part of this whole operation is getting to the control board and knowing where all the hidden clips are. I had made a short video, but I seem to have misplaced my media. Will update if found.