Compost thermometer featured on Instructables :)


Pretty happy to have my first Instructable chosen to be featured :)

It's just shy of 6000 views at time of writing and has some promising comments from people excited to try it out.

You can check it out here if you like, but it is very similar to what is already on the blog.

Feel free to drop me a line if you ever try it.


$2 DIY compost thermometer build

compost thermometer in grassHere are some basic instructions on how to build a $2 compost thermometer using readily available supplies. It looks crappy (in a good rustic kind of way), but works great and uses few materials.

You really don't need to read this... I like this design because it's pretty functional, reaches the correct temperature faster, and looks cool, but you could just duct tape everything together in a minute and see if it works for you first.

I chose to use a dry fallen tree branch because they are super abundant, eco friendly, and have reasonably low thermal conductivity. This is good because you don't want your stick to be conducting much heat to or from the thermometer probe tip as this will increase the amount of time it takes to get a stable reading. My first attempt took me a minute to duct tape the probe to a piece of steel rebar, but I found that the rebar was not only cooling down my probe, but also my Read more...


$2 DIY compost thermometer

Hard core composters thrust their naked arms into a compost pile and grunt accordingly to determine how hot and hard the pile is working. The more squeamish composters can rely on compost thermometers. You couldn't pay me enough to thrust a naked appendage into my compost pile right now - maybe in a month. For a few days, my compost pile smelled bad. Reeeaaaally bad and I needed a quick way to fix things before the neighbors got out the pitch forks.


My pile turned anaerobic when I added a bunch of neglect and kitchen scraps saved over the winter to my compost pile. I have a pretty basic compost bin right now that makes turning my pile difficult, so I started trying out different techniques of aerating. To help guide my approach, I quickly rigged up a cheap DIY compost thermometer. The basic idea is that the hotter Read more...