$2 DIY compost thermometer

Hard core composters thrust their naked arms into a compost pile and grunt accordingly to determine how hot and hard the pile is working. The more squeamish composters can rely on compost thermometers. You couldn't pay me enough to thrust a naked appendage into my compost pile right now - maybe in a month. For a few days, my compost pile smelled bad. Reeeaaaally bad and I needed a quick way to fix things before the neighbors got out the pitch forks.


My pile turned anaerobic when I added a bunch of neglect and kitchen scraps saved over the winter to my compost pile. I have a pretty basic compost bin right now that makes turning my pile difficult, so I started trying out different techniques of aerating. To help guide my approach, I quickly rigged up a cheap DIY compost thermometer. The basic idea is that the hotter Read more...